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Closed Less hunger - more education for children in Ghana

Sunyani, Ghana

The Kanturo-Hilfe supports villages in Ghana. Through the construction of fountains and toilets, the purchase of school uniforms, tables and chairs and through school feeding we help the people so that more kids can attend school.

T. Paulus from Kanturo-Hilfe
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Kids are our future. If we promote education and literacy of kids we sustainably improve opportunities to lead a better life. This is why we pay special attention to the support of children through:

  • Building of wells to ensure clean drinking water
  • Inclusion of schools in the national “Ghana School Feeding Programme” to ensure a balanced nutrition
  • Procurement of learning aids, school uniforms and wooden tables and chairs to attend school
  • Building of toilet facilities and procurement of medication and dressing material to improve standards of hygiene and first aid care

In Kanturo everything has started for us. After visiting several villages with our friend Campbell, we landed in spring 2013 in the village of Kanturo. There was no drinking water and no usable toilette on site and only about 120 of actually 350 children attended school. We quickly decided to help the village of Kanturo and the children living here.

Many children do not go to school, but help in harvesting on the fields or selling the cultivated vegetables on the market. We want to support these children by improving the living conditions and fulfill the requirements that more children can attend school.

Support us with your donation to help another school in Ghana. 

Here are some examples what you can make possible with your donation:
8 € for a school uniform; 16 € for a table and a chair for one kid; 85 € for learning material for one class for one complete year; 620 € for kitchen utensils; 960 € for the construction of a toilet; 1125 € for the construction of a fountain; 2085 € for the construction of a kitchen hut in compliance with government regulations, so that the school can participate in the state financed “School Feeding Programme” with daily provision for all pupils.

Get more information on our webside "". Find out what we have already achieved in Kanturo and how we want to support in 2017 the village Henekrom.