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Expansion of a vocational training center for young adults in Uganda

A project from Rainbow House of Hope Uganda e.V.
in Kampala, Uganda

Rainbow House of Hope RHU, wants to expand a vocational training center for young adults in precarious situtations in Kampala - Uganda. Therefor, Rainbow needs 10000 Euros to buy a land and start with the construction of facilities.

U. Beck
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About this project

Rainbow House of Hope Uganda (RHU) is a local non-governmental organization from Uganda that is committed to improving the social situation of disadvantaged youth. RHU works in close cooperation with an Organisation called Rainbow House of Hope e.V Uganda, which is located in Schopfheim Germany. RHU encourages disadvantaged children and young people in Kampala to discover their own potential. Through education, music, sports and theater, RHU tries to provide the young people with skills that enable them to build a better future.

In addition to the cultural and educational offerings, RHU has created a school fee fund to help families with special financial needs, to support there Kids to attend school. Only 40.7% of the children in Uganda attend a school. Over 19% of the people of Uganda have never visited a school. Nearly 30% of the people in Uganda are illiterate.

By setting up the school fee fund, RHU can ensure that the sponsored children receive a continuous formal education. Unfortunately, in the last 5 years the school fee for the Primary Level has been doubled, which is why more money is needed in the future in order to satisfy an adequately access to school.

New is the training project MyRoS (My Rainbow of Skills). It aims at helping adolescents, who are unemployed or otherwise have problems, to learn a profession quickly and hands-on skills. This is not common in many Uganda training courses, as they teach theoretical backgrounds without reference to practical needs, which is unsuitable for trainees whose school certificates, if available, are poor. Carpenters, hairdressers and tailors are trained in this program.

The RHU wants to expand their operations in the near future in order to offer a better and more varied range of training opportunities. Since Uganda has a high supply of water, the future of Uganda lies in the improvement of the countries agricultural situation, towards a complete self-sufficiency of the country.

In order to expand, the RHU would like to purchase 6-10 Acres of land (1 Acre = 40 Ar). There, the existing offers and training possibilities are planned to be developed further, including training in agricultural economy. For the acquisition of the property and the construction of the first facilities the RHU still needs 10,000 euros.

Please help us with a donation, to realize Rainbows dream of a larger training center for children and young people in precarious situtations.