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Closed Medical support for neonates in Malawi

The delivery ward of the "Holy Family Mission" Hospital in Malawi treats only very serious cases. We, MalawiMed e.V., support the hospital to ensure good, reliable medical care for neonates and mothers.

Johanna G. from MalawiMed e.V.Write a message

Until this day, we can observe an enormously high neonatal death rate in Malawi, it is known to be one of the highest worldwide.
Up to 34% of all newborns do not get older as 28 days. Day 0 to 7 are the most crucial for survival.

Main reasons for death are:
• Premature birth
• Birth Asphyxia (circulatory insufficiency with respiratory arrest)
• Protracted birth (duration of labour >18 hours)
• Birth trauma
• Sepsis and other infections

The “Holy Family Mission” Hospital located in Phalombe, is dealing with these difficulties every day.

Following is needed to ensure sufficient care for neonates and mothers
• Ultrasound Unit  
• Dopton (Handy device for monitoring fetal heart sounds)
• Hygiene (Disinfectant)
• Oxygen tank
• Breast pump
• Thermal blanket
• Pulse Oximeter
The delivery ward of the “Holy Family Mission” Hospital treats solely very serious cases that can not be dealt with in surrounding Health Care Centres. Each pregnant woman arrives with the most severe pathologies, usually after an hour-long journey from neighbouring rural areas.

We, MalawiMed e.V., feel responsible to support this hospital in a way that makes it possible for them to ensure good, reliable medical care for neonates and their mothers.
We are a 100% charitable organisation, every donation will be spend to support this project.
Please feel free to contact me anytime, I am happy to keep you updated on every step we make. You are important to us.
Help us to help others.