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Funded Drinking water well for Mundari tribe in South Sudan

A project from Pangaea Project e.V.
in Nyica Bor, South Sudan

The Mundari are a tribe of cattle pastoralists and subsistence agriculturalists in South Sudan that faces a constant water shortage. The construction of a drinking water well will meet their need for clean water and alleviate conflict in the region.

S. Straetker
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About this project

The Mundari
The region of Nyica Bor is situated 97 kilometers north of Juba, South Sudan’s capital. Its inhabitants are the Mundari, a Nilotic tribe of cattle pastoralists and subsistence agriculturalists. The census of 2015 calculated a population of 4.965 people living in three separate villages. Two of them are located in the dry savannah and one of them is a mobile cattle settlement on the banks of River Nile.

Water problem
Mundari people face a constant water shortage during 7 months each year from May to November. The lack of permanent water sources in their area forces them to travel to other tribal territories where water can be found in man-made wells. These incursions into neighboring lands often turn into tribal clashes that bring instability to the region. The other source of water is River Nile but its water is not suitable for human consumption. In a desperate search for drinkable water the Mundari excavate deep holes in the ground but these dry out fast and the water’s quality is poor, causing many intestine infections in the population.

Drinking water well
Talks with the local authorities and the people showed that a drinking water well would help the Mundari improve their living standards and decrease many water derived diseases that mostly affect the infantile population. During a recent trip to the region in February 2017, the construction of a borehole in the middle of the biggest village in Nyica Bor was budgeted.

The total of 12,000 € is distributed as follows:
  • Geophysical survey: 500€
  • Provision of machinery: 1000€
  • Drilling and casing: 5,500€
  • Gravel pack: 400€
  • Borehole development: 400€
  • Hand pump installation: 1,700€
  • Water channel: 700€
  • Construction of platform: 1,800€

The construction will be overseen by The African Encounters, a travel company focused on responsible tourism that has been organizing trips to the Mundari territory since 2015. They have been in touch with the people for the last two years.

We need your help to finance the construction! Every contribution is greatly appreciated. 100% of your donation will go towards the construction.

Thank you in the name of the Mundari people!