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Minster Thalbürgel – At the Center of Life

A project from Stiftung Klosterkirche Thalbürgel
in Thalbürgel, Germany

Modern and Romanesque architecture – for us, for you! Provide better access to the facility and to many events for children, young people, and people with impediments: services, cloister day for children, concerts, and exhibitions.

A. Waschnewski
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About this project

MinsterThalbürgel– At the Center ofLife

The location of the minster Thalbürgel has a special history: it is a history which dates back to the Ice Age, a soul which is marked by the activity of its people, and the potential to become a place of living exchange.

For many events, we require an enlargement of the facility immediately beside the minster to provide better access for children, young people, and people with impediments. At the moment, we are managing with temporary solutions.

With its large entranceway, the Romanesque minster emits a quiet force and provides a place of retreat in times of globalization and digitalization. The acceptance of every single individual, regardless of profession and financial means, should be reflected in the design sketches for the roofing of the ante-church and the community center.

Many drafts were compiled. It was very difficult to find a solution! But, the young, international drafting team from the office of Schmidhuber had a brilliant idea, inspired by the German EXPO pavilion in Milan in 2015. In the end, the entire architectural team worked on the minster project under the direction of Lennart Wiechell and Bernd Herrndorf. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their dedication and excellent communication skills, which have allowed this idea to be developed together with the local people and now be made a reality.

The design of the new roof above the ante-church and community center nestles the current solution like a cloth in the wind. It provides the landscape of the surroundings with a light swing and playfully emphasizes the minster and its characteristic elements: the entranceway, the ante-church, and the cloister.


This is how we view the role of the Christian church today: supportive and communicative without patronizing its members. For this reason, the design plans appeal to us very much. The minster symbolizes the firm belief in our faith.

Thalbürgel thrives because of the people who have opened their hearts to this special place. We welcome your participation and are open to your ideas! Write to us and take part! Of course, the new roof and the rooms must be able to be paid for. With your support, a place can emerge for you and for all of us where people may feel at home in troubled times.

"We at Schmidhuber believe that a vision can develop strength. A common dream, an idea, can work and be responsible for the origination of things which were otherwise inconceivable."
Lennart Wiechell, architect of the German EXPO pavilion in Milan in 2015

Because of the funding we would like to realize the project in four years. We can implement the construction projects only with your active donations!

Please supports us – together with family, friends and colleagues!
Thank you very much!