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Arriving as a refugee - finding your way - in the life workshop

A project from BENU gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)
in Berlin, Germany

Sponsor and guidance services for refugees, as well as emergency pedagogy, art pedagogy therapy and animal-assisted therapy. - Vocational orientation through internships targeted in training for animal care and wood-related professions.

Erik A.
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About this project

The wide Tempelhofer-Feld in the middle of Berlin, with the eventful and also dark history of the airport, is for us, a striking starting point for the transformation of the "Fortress Europe". It is, at the same time, an important step for the necessary PHOENIX-Europe change, where new answers and ways are to be found, about how we can actually shape a future together with refugees and migrants.
We don't want to wait for the great impulse to come from the outside. Instead, we want to activate the power and abilities for change, that lie within ourselves and in the current of life surrounding us.
  • We want to help refugees to arrive here with sponsor and guidance services, aiming to avoid months of waiting for the results of their applications. Support in public offices and institutions.- Exhausting and unnecessary long waiting periods potentiate existing traumas.
  • Mentoring, shortly after arrival, in finding a fitting und feasible path of their own.
  • Companionship with everyday tasks in the new community and neighborhood, learning the language, step by step, in a concrete and illustrative way.
  • Expanding the language knowledge through job opportunities and first vocational orientation. Training of the senses, awareness and the cultural differences in terms of conceptions and valuations.
  • Discovering and enhancement of their own potential and resources.
  • Art-therapy, theater-therapy, and animal-assisted experience as a way to explore their own path deeper and wider and to keep moving forward, step by step, with increasingly courage.
We are looking forward to our common path - and to your support!!