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Closed A Health Center for Cheesefield District, Jamaica

A project from Center of Jamaican Culture & Development gUG
in Cheesefield, Jamaica

The Cheesefield Health Center will work with the Linstead Hospital like twin sisters, because the Linstead Hospital has got only two Ambulances to serve this a large population, imagine the hospital gets three emergency calls at the...

E. Harvey
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About this project

Dear donors,

We are delighted to inform you about the changes of the project from Post Office to Health Center and we are asking for your understanding and donations to build it for the needed people of district of Cheesefield, Jamaican.

The first and greatest wealth is one’s health. Therefore let we inform you that the people who are living in Cheesefield District lacking of proper medical services.

The people there in Cheesefield district in North Eastern St. Catherine, Jamaica are in urgent need of a Health Center. It will also serve the people beyond Cheesefield surrounding districts and villages borders, for example Moneague, Treadways, Redwood, Benbow, Guy’s Hill etc. 

The Health Center will take the pressure off Linstead Hospital. The nearest hospitals to Linstead are Spanish Town which is 18 km from the South, To the North, Port Maria which is almost 35 km and St. Ann’s Bay 50 km that is why the people who live in these areas have to travel miles to “Linstead Hospital” and then wait in a long line for service. Sometimes they come all the way for nothing and have to travel the long journey back home in pain, because they haven't got any service. 

One should not forget that 1km in Germany, it’s like 10 km in Jamaica!

I, Errol Harvey, have been blessed to be migrated to a country like Germany where the system affords their people much blessings to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am very thankful to experience such a first class health care services. My heart however does not allow me to forget those who are born and raised in my home town of Cheesefield district, Jamaica.

The Health Center will pattern the German Hospital way of doing things, to make sure that any time people come to the Health Center for medical treatment they will be served. Many Germans go on vocation to Jamaica and if somebody would become sick, they could also go to the Health Center and they can be guaranteed to get the service like what they are used to from back home in Germany.

Your donation or sponsorship will help to care for these people in the way how people should be treated in the 21st century.

And we are in intense negotiation with the Jamaican Government to hand over the title for the piece of land, where the health center is planning to build on. 

We are expecting to lay the foundation stone on the 19 of October 2020. And finish on the 21st of October 2024. The building will cover up to 4300sqft. at a rate of 150 per sqft which makes it total 600.000$, that’s about 555.000€.

Do not sit back, donate, your donation will be greatly blessed. Please stay in touch to get informed about the improvement!


One Love, One Heart 
C. o. J. C. & D. Team