Wild Dolphins 2017

An aid project by “The Dolphin's Voice e.V.” (Alexander E.) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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Alexander E. (Project Manager)

Alexander E.
Wild Dolphins 2017 – German Premiere in Frankfurt/Main
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In the heart of Frankfurt, metropolis and city of many European headquarters, Wild Dolphins ("Wilde Delfine") will premiere in September 2017 to open up the world of dolphins and whales to children and adults alike. Our three-day multimedia event brings both information and excitement to listeners, participators, cinemagoers, inquirers, and admirers. Right next to the Nordwestzentrum mall, 9 floors with over 15000 square feet will host presentations, films, workshops, art and photo exhibitions, as well as specific theme areas. These illustrate where dolphins live, how they communicate, why their habitat and their future is in danger, and why the United Nations have even attributed "non-human culture" to them. We believe that the German community needs to learn more about these topics, given that Germany still has two active dolphinaria, that wild dolphins and porpoises have been known off its Baltic coast, but that the knowledge on dolphins and whales in the world's oceans is poor. Here you can take a look at our program!

Being a young and ambitious NGO in Frankfurt, The Dolphin's Voice aims to reach as many people as possible to raise awareness and spark interest in the above topics. We need your help for this! Items that need funding are, among others,

* material for children's workshops
* licence fees for films
* printing of photos, posters and wall charts
* remaining rental costs for the venue
* technical equipment, including laptops and headsets for presenting underwater acoustics
* and last but not least, advertising material to draw as many people as possible!

We thank the city of Frankfurt, who kindly cover most of the rental costs of the venue. Now we need to breathe life into Wild Dolphins...with your contribution!

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Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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