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Waisenhilfe Ahepe: We want to buy the orphan site!

Our organization Waisenhilfe Ahepe wants to buy the site on which the 15 orphans are currently living. The site lies on the edge of the village of Ahepe in Togo, Africa. It is surrounded by a wall and contains 3 residential buildings.

M. Brunner from Waisenhilfe Ahepe e.V.Write a message

Since 2009 we support a group of orphans in the village of Ahépé in Togo (West Africa). For the last few years, the 15 children and their tutor Emmanuel have been living in a site that is ideal for them. This site we now want to buy officially, to be independent from the current landlord.
The site is surrounded by a wall. It consists of currently three buildings, a fireplace with roof, a hen-coop, simple toilet/shower, water pump and water reservoir. It lies on the edge of the village. 

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