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Closed Give Hope and Joy to Total Orphans in Education.

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Nyando Community Action Health Group is a care and support project benefiting Total orphans, Children living in Especially Difficult Circumstances and their Caregivers.

J. Ges Kotolo from Nyando Community Action Health Group(NYACOHEG)Write a message

Nyando Community Action Health Group( NYACOHEG) is located in Kakmie Sub-location , Onjiko location,Nyando District, Kisumu County, Western Kenya.We are committed in the care and provision both spiritually of orphaned children and Caregivers.

Nyando Community Action Health Group was formed to bring hope and joy to those children who have lost both parents.NYACOHEG is non-sectarian, non-political, not for profit community based organization.

Convicted by James 1:27; Romans 12:13; and 2 Corinthians 9:7 Ges Jason Kotolo and some 10 people living with HIV founded NYACOHEG on 19th December 2004, and registered by Department of Social Development on 19th December,2005. The group now has 30 PLWAs,58 total orphans and 49 Caregivers as members.

58 total orphans, 49 Caregivers and 30 PLWAs are direct beneficiaries. The orphans are provided with Lunch in 2 primary schools, where as 49 Caregivers and 30 PLWAs are given Food rations.

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