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Film project Digital Revolution: Everyday Life in E-Stonia

A project from Ostblick Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
in Tallinn, Estonia

Student project on digitalization in Estonia and its impact on the Estonian society

Filip B.
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About this project

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We are a group of six students at the Free University of Berlin working on a project on digitalization in Estonia. We want to examine what exactly made it possible, what impact it had on the Estonian society and what others could learn from it. For that, we would like to travel to Tallinn and interview people behind this progress, but also the ordinary people who use digital services on a daily basis. A short documentary will be our end product.

The tiny country of Estonia is considered to be the forerunner in matters of digitalization in Europe. After its independence from the Soviet Union, it quickly became a real e-society. It is not only about the free Wi-Fi. In fact, most services are electronic, digital or mobile. This saves time and effort, and allows to concentrate on more important things. But is there a price for these comforts? 

Back in 2007, Estonia experienced a series of cyber-attacks – worldwide the first ones conducted by one state on another. With our project, we want to get to the bottom of the digitalization in Estonia, and scrutinize its basic aspects like data security and reliability of e-services. 

  • How well prepared is Estonia for new challenges 10 years after, and how secure Estonians feel in their e-society?
  • How inclusive is digitalization in fact? How is the elder generation able to cope with it?
  • Distancing ourselves from the existing promotion videos, we want to report equally on problems of this successful system. Only knowing both sides makes it possible to effectively learn from it, and to prepare oneself for the challenges. 
  • With our project, we want to contribute to the public debate on digitalization – primarily in Germany, but prospectively also in other countries where this issue is of current importance.

We are a team of six students, supported by an external film crew: a camera man and a sound man, each from a different town. Since each of us has their own tasks to fulfil and brings their own competence along, it is essential that at least 4 of 6 participate in the fieldwork in Tallinn + the film crew. The success of our documentary depends on their cooperativeness, and the success of the whole project on your interest and support! 

The foundation stone of the project was laid on February 20th by interviewing the former President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves, who has been promoting the digitalization of Estonia for years, and led his country to international success and recognition. Next year, Estonia will celebrate 100 years of the Republic’s independence. We would like to attract attention to this country, and show what is has given and is yet to give to the international community. 

We would appreciate any kind of support, and thank you very much for it in advance!