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Funded Catastrophic drought in Kenya. Donate and save lives.

Kinango, Kenya

Funded Catastrophic drought in Kenya. Donate and save lives.

Kinango, Kenya

Because of the drought in the Kinango area more and more cattles are dying. If we do not help immediately the old, the children and also the pregnant will follow. Africachild e.V. need you aid.

M. Kurz from Africachild e.V. | 
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About this project

Catastrophic drought in Kenya. Please help!

 The situation in Kenya’s Kinango province is catastrophic. The long periods of drought in recent years, caused by the weather phenomenon El Nino, were particularly severe in this area.
We are on our way to Vigurungani, a village that has been particularly hard-hit by the disaster. The road is specked with animal carcasses. The smell of death lies in the air. Many of the families we are visiting have not eaten on a regular basis for a long time. The last harvest was a long time ago, the provisions have long run out and foods are so expensive, that hardly anybody can afford them. The parents fear that they will lose their children due to malnutrition, and whoever sees the children shares their fears. They are the weakest, and they suffer the consequences of the food shortages the most. 
The ZDF reported about the drought in Kenya on February 11th, 2017:
How we are helping
We have to help – and fast! Africachild e. V. has an aid project south of Mombasa, near the Indian Ocean. Several times a week, we make the journey from our village to Vigurungani, where we suplly approximately 100 families with bread, flour and water. We also help mothers and their children, bring medicines and supply first aid assistance. Supplies that cost only 10 Euro can support one family for an entire week. As we ourselves bring the supplies to those in need, we know that everything arrives where it is most needed. We plan to support this area until the beginning of May, when we hope rain will at last return to the area. 

What is our vision?

Climate change is taking place, whether we like it or not. We have to expect that these droughts will take place frequently from now on. Our goal is to educate and stabilise the population, so that it will soon be able to survive droughts independently, knowing how to help and prepare itself. If you are interested, visit for more information. 

What you can do

You can donate money, and thus help families to survive the drought. Help, so that mothers do not lose their children and children do not lose their parents. The population of Vigurungani is currently dependent on aid organistions like Africachild e. V. We are helping, please help us!

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PS. All photographs taken by us.