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Closed Spaying & Neutering project for Stray dogs in Europe!

Something needs to happen! There are millions of street dogs in Europe and numbers are growing. No matter how many animal protection organizations try to find homes for all of them - there are too many! Neutering is the only sustainable solution!

Raphaela J. from Streetdogs Europe e.V.Write a message

Unfortunately the number of street dogs in Europe is not becoming less. Romania is a good example for this. The number of stray dogs is estimated to be about 2 million only in Romania now. The capital Bucharest alone reported 51,200 dogs in2015, more than half of those were killed and about 23,000 were adopted.

One reason for this are un-neutered dogs, who have a home but wander around occasionally and then reproduce themselves with street dogs. With an average monthly salary of 400 euros in Romania, the spaying/neutering costs of 30 euros are relatively high.

We therefore want to carry out large-scale spaying & neutering projects in cooperation with Romanian institutions and associations. Here, the costs for the neutering/spaying of owners' dogs should be taken over.

Please help us to defuse the situation! Spaying and neutering is the ONLY sustainable solution to the problem, many studies have shown that in the past years. 

Please support us so that we can castrate 500 dogs in 2017. For this we need 15,000 euros. Each euro goes into the neuterings, we do not pay any money to politicians and are all exclusively voluntarily active ourselves!

For every 3000 Euros we can plan a "neutering weekend" (= 100 dogs).

Every neutered dog means avoids a lot of dog suffering before it occurs!

We are happy about every donation! Regardless if it's 1 € or 500 €, every little counts!

The fundraising is an additional part of our streetart4streetdogs project (see for more information).

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