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Unbarabel conditions for Refugess in Belgrade - donate for food & clothing

Close to the mainstation in abandoned barracks refugees try to survive in Belgrade. Without volunteer helpers the people would starve. Support with you donation a next day for the refugees.

A. Tölke from be an angel e.V.Write a message

Abandonment warehouses where up to 2,000 Afghans and Pakistanis have no toilets, showers, heating, electricity and so on.
15-year-olds (estimated to be 40% of refugees under 18 years of age) are stuck for up to four month.
People do not go into one of the eight camps, because they then (in their perception) stuck. Apart from that there are not enough places ....
Fact is: Camp means food and roof over your head. In the middel of nowhere. There are no integration programs in all of Serbia, no school visits, language courses, whatever.
Waiting time for border crossing Hungary: At least six months.
In the barracks, the refugees have the hope of the next day. That some smuggler will bring them across the border ....
The escape to Serbia has cost an average of 7000 €, the families at home are in debt. The creditors are not squeamish and there murders happening, because of no repayments. The people in the barracks hope for jobs in Europe and have generally no idea how the procedures are.
Be an Angel e.V. will provide a daily food issue via Refugee Aid Serbia - RAS. We will rent a storage for the donation of goods in order to allow a controlled distribution of clothing.
Be an Angel e.V. will develop a program in Germany to allow unaccompanied minors with a clear identity to come directly to Germany from Belgrade. We try....
Donate for the minimum. Donate for food. For clothing. For survivials.