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Funded Help Women to Leave the System of Prostitution!

SISTERS e.V. is a nonprofit association that supports women to leave prostitution and start a self- determined life. Since there is no governmental aid in Germany, we need your donations!

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Contribute to help women to leave the system of prostitution and human trafficking behind and start a free life! SISTERS e.V. is a nonprofit association that supports women to leave prostitution and start a self-determined life. In order to make an exit possible, urgent needs of the woman have to be financed; such as renting a shelter, language courses or clothing. Helping a woman to leave the system of prostitution costs between 600-800 €. Since there is no governmental aid, we need your donations!

In Germany around 400,000 women make their living as prostitutes. Many of them did not have any other choice. Lacking job options, human trafficking or trusting the wrong people, brought them into prostitution. Once in this cruel and relentless system of prostitution, leaving the system on their own is nearly hopeless due to various dependencies. Most women stay in a brothel 24/7 or are even homeless, they have no contacts outside their milieu of prostitution or barely speak German. An exit from prostitution is therefore not comparable to an ordinary job change. Women who want to get off the ground need intensive support. We help them to find an accommodation, to deal with authorities, in the doctor's office and to build a social and benevolent environment. Germany does not provide any governmental aid for these victims of prostitution. Instead, the government protects the system of prostitution. The social climate postulates the sexual self-determination of the "sex workers" and overlooks the suffering of the women in prostitution. Germany has become the European hub for human trafficking, prostitution tourism and dumping prices. For many, a life in prostitution means mere survival day by day.
  • According to the EU, 62% of human trafficking in Europe aim at the sexual exploitation of Women [1].
  • 50-90% of women in legal prostitution work "involuntarily" [2].
  • In Germany, 85% of the women want to leave the system [3].
 Please donate to help women starting a self-determined life!
 More information:

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