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Sponsorship for 2 orphans, Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Every day 5 and 6 years old orphans Omar and Darly have to beg for food together with their grandmother. An orphan sponsorship could save their lives and ensure their need for food, medicine and clothes.

Christian M. from Azioni "Niños Felices" e.V.
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Our organisation Azioni "Niños Felices" takes already care of 61 orphans in the region of Sosua. Omar and Darly Almonte are two 5 and 6 years old brothers.

If they could tell their story it would be something like this:
“…our parents are dead and currently we are living with our grandmother. Together we have to beg for food every day. There are also brighter days, when a very friendly family shares their lunch with us and gives us a plate of rice.

One day we had been begging for money to buy a Coke in front of a restaurant, when the owner banished us from his eatery. Fortunately one diner named Enzo, a member of Azioni "Niños Felices", invited us to sit on his table and bought us a Coke. Later on Enzo drove us back home and gave us our names and dates of birth: Omar Almonte 25.12.2003 und Darly Almonte 14.07.2002. This was a very special day!

Though being very poor, we always get something to eat. But if we become ill, it is a huge problem for us, because we are not able to buy the medicine needed. Enzo promised us, that he will find someone to care for us…..”

The Azioni "Niños Felices" sponsorship program is working together with local assistants, who buy the food, medicine and clothes needed and give it to the children. Every Euro donated will be provided to the children, none of the bounties is accessible for the adults or will be used by the organisation.