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Closed Theatre Project for the English-Speaking Community in Bremen

A project from Theatrale Bretter e.V.
in Bremen, Germany

Maiden Thought Theatre makes theatre with volunteers in Bremen. John Lyly's Gallathea entertainingly addresses gender and sexuality. The project is English-speaking and charitable.

A. Lotze
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About this project

Maiden Thought Theatre is an initiative of Theatrale Bretter e.V., which makes modern, exciting, inclusive theatre with the English-speaking community in Bremen. We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds to explore their creativity, develop their language skills and to share fun and ambition in a new project.
In May 2017, Maiden Thought will present John Lyly's 'Gallathea' in Bremen. In its course, 'Gallathea' entertainingly addresses gender and sexuality, and even the meaning of life (briefly). 
In the context of 'Gallathea', the Maiden Thought team also offers workshops for local schools.