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Help for children and adolescents in emotional and social need

A project from LOOP Kinderhilfe
in Düsseldorf, Germany

LOOP helps children and young people in need through ambulant and stationary offers: Family support, educational counselling, socio-pedagogical living communities, children's houses and independent living. For this we need donations.

LOOP Kinderhilfe
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About this project

There are many reasons for children and young people in misery in Germany. They usually begin with their parents: economic hardship, poverty, unemployment, drugs, alcohol problems, illnesses or disabilities mean that problems in the family can no longer be solved on their own. The children are left alone. In everyday life, at school and with their worries. They often lack attention, role models and the safeness and security of a family. Children cannot develop healthily in such an environment. They are dependent on the support of adults outside their biological family.

 LOOP helps them as needed through
Family support - the separation of children and biological parents should be prevented if possible.
LOOP families (socio-educational partnerships) - a child is taken in by a professional family with 1:1 treatment. 
LOOP@home - young people are accompanied and supported on their way into adulthood by LOOP employees in their own small flat. 
LOOP@home - First Step - an extension of the LOOP@home concept where young people live in shared flats.
LOOP-Kinderhaus Deichkids - Children and teenagers live in a small group with caretakers on a small farm in Niebüll.
LOOP-Kinderhaus Hof Tarpfeld - Children and adolescents live in two houses, one with an internal specialist and the other with care in a group in Tarp.
LOOP refugee aid - unaccompanied underage refugees live in small housing units (3 young people) and are accompanied by LOOP employees in the organization of the everyday life in the new homeland.
In order to be able to help quickly and flexibly, we are dependent on donations. 
 Decide for yourself in which area you would like to support the work of LOOP with your donations. 
Thank you very much.