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An aid project by “Holly's Horse Haven Equine rescue/ Rehabilitation” (E. Duffy) in Omeath, Ireland

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E. Duffy (Project Manager)

E. Duffy
Holly's Horse Haven voluntary group Ireland formed in 2008 with hard work, dedication, and compassion for horses. This group of 20 horse lovers originally began by taking in Holly (our first rescue horse going to slaughter). Giving Holly a home evolved into us helping people's misfit/unwanted horses. - Our main objective today is to save, protect, and rehabilitate all Horses/Ponies & Donkeys in need preventing unnecessary slaughter, abuse, and neglect of all those we encounter.This ensures an emergency backup when equines are seized due to neglect or abandonment thus ensuring the horses or public will not be at risk from road accidents or injury due to wandering abandoned horses. Here at the centre we run a critical care/ rehabilitation programme where after treatment we enter all suitable equines into our riding project where they become usable adoptable riding horses/ponies with a functional quality of life! We also foster or retire any older animals. With this current economic climate this is only the beginning of horse neglect in Ireland and this winter will be a real concern! With the Celtic tiger's financial woes depleting the nation's resources, horses - for years central to our way of life - are becoming an unaffordable luxury and we now need any help or support we can get to help these graceful wonderful creatures move on to find a new life.

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Location: Omeath, Ireland

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  • Berry now! she came from the same rescue as the mare who didn't make it.

    Uploaded at 26-11-2010

  • Mother & Foal who didn't make it. Many of our rescues come from conditions like these.

    Uploaded at 26-11-2010

  • Joey was locked in a domestic inner city garage for two weeks without food & water

    Uploaded at 26-11-2010