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Closed Please help to save Anja's life and support us to fund her medical OP

Anja from the Ukraine needed an operation for her brain tumor. Due to the development of the tumor, unfortunately not much time remains to perform the operation. Please help us and donate for Anja. Any small amount will help.

Kontakt Person: Marco H. from Ukrainische Griechisch-kath. Kirche St.-WolodymyrWrite a message

Update 4th of April 2017:
Please do not donate further! The surgery is today and we want to thank all of you from our hearts.
Thank you very much!

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Hello friends, relatives and those I have not yet had the fortune to meet,
Anja (my sister-in-law) has suffered from a brain tumor since 2003, which has required a number of operations over the years to treat.
She comes from the Ukraine and is currently visiting her sister and me. She is 26 years old and a Chernobyl child. Unfortunately this status was not accepted in the Ukraine because of her age, which otherwise would have certainly helped with the cost of her treatment.
The development of the tumor has grown life threatening and we want to do everything possible to enable Anja to receive an operation to save her and allow her a good life.
Since November 2016, the tumor has grown an additional 20%.
This operation can’t take place in the Ukraine due to the complexity and because the medical skills are unfortunately not available, therefore it is required for this procedure to take place within Europe.
As the costs must therefore be supported, we would like to encourage everyone here to donate for Anja.
Background information:
We have carried out the necessary medical tests already and received a current MRTreport, we have also had an appointment with a specialised clinic in Hamburg.
This clinic provides a method where an MRT is used live during the operation which is called an intraoperative brain surgery. This method can ensure that all of the tumor is operated on and removed. This method is unique and the highly competent professor has already carried out successfully several thousand operations on the brain.
After reviewing Anja’s medical records, the professor who performs this operation has confirmed that this procedure can be applied for Anja.
It should be noted that this procedure is already subsidized and also the professor would operate for free, so we need to cover only the costs of the hospital itself. We already love the professor for that gesture!
Nevertheless the costs of the operation are approximately 25,000.-€.
We hope that it is possible to get the sum together with your kind help.
Due to the serious and life threatening nature, the operation must be carried out relatively quickly.
Today, for full transparency we already have a corresponding cost quotation which can be seen here. Also we will provide the documents for you as far as available and of course keep you informed on progress.

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