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Closed Emergency Aid for Lebanon – Dialysis treatment for Beeka Valley

Financing of dialysis for refugees in Lebanon. The state government financed this vital measure. We want to help until the measures of the big NGO's (Red Cross, UNHCR ...) can be implemented.

Michael A. from Heimatstern e.V.Write a message

A desperate cry for help has reached Heimatstern e.V. from Patricia in Lebanon, which has left us shocked and determined to act immediately.  Patricia has been working the last few weeks for the NGO "Salam: LADC" (Peace: Lebanese Association for Development and Communication), an international charity organisation with offices in Lebanon, Sweden and Norway, as a volunteer in a refugee camp located in the Beeka Valley, Lebanon. 

There are 27 people living in the camp, who are sick and regularly need dialysis treatment, many times per week. One of these refugees is Samaher, who is 27 years old and the mother of two small children. The last four years, she has been living with her children in a tent in Lebanon. Samaher suffers from acute kidney failure, meaning dialysis is essential for her survival. Life-supportdialysis treatment has to be carried out three times per week, to prevent her children from becoming orphans. 

On Sunday the 15th January 2017, the government decreed to stop financing dialysis treatment with immediate effect. The volunteers in the camp are trying to raise the funds for life saving treatment for all of the 27 patients, until other larger andfinancially strong charity organisations (Red Cross, UNHCR…) step in and continue to invest in the treatment. However, this could take up to eight weeks. 
The total cost for financing one week worth of dialysis for all 27 people is calculated to be approximately 10.000-11.000€

Heimatstern has already financed one day of dialysis for all 27 people out of the charity fund.
Our aim is to provide at least one further round of treatment for all of the 27 patients by raising money. Each further individual treatment costs approx 130 US$ and we hope to achieve this here with your financial support. 

27 x 130,00US$ = 3510$ (€ = 3.310,00 €) 

This is the target! 

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