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The Psychosocial Center SEGEMI e.V.- Help for Refugees in Hamburg

A project from SEGEMI e.V.
in Hamburg, Germany

SEGEMI supports mentally distressed refugees in gaining fair access to psychotherapeutic and psychiatric care. Our qualified language mediators accompany our clients to the sessions.

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About this project

Psychologically distressed refugees or migrants have difficult access to psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care in Hamburg. In particular, the language barrier makes it difficult for those affected to visit specialists and psychotherapists in their time of need. Our non-profit association SEGEMI Seelische Gesundheit - Migration und Flucht e.V. (Mental Health - Migration and Flight) was founded in 2015 and has since been committed to providing psychologically distressed refugees and migrants with fair access to psychiatric and psychotherapeutic health care. To achieve our goal, we have come up with a variety of projects:

1) Our Psychosocial Center SEGEMI

At Ferdinandstraße 36 we have created a low-threshold and free of charge contact point for refugees and migrants with mental health problems. There, our psychotherapists and psychologists - supported by language mediators - offer counseling sessions by appointment. These are aimed at adults as well as children and adolescents. The goal of the consultations is a professional diagnosis, comprehensive psychosocial counseling and referral to established psychotherapists and psychiatrists.

2) A pool of language mediators for Hamburg

The costs for language mediation are not covered by our health care system. Therefore, we have established a pool of language mediators for psychotherapists and psychiatrists in private practice. These are to receive unbureaucratic but quality-assured access to professional language mediation. SEGEMI covers all costs for the work of the language mediators and ensures high-quality work in this sensitive field through supervision, training and evaluation.

3) Psychotherapy for traumatized refugees

Since 2020, the Psychosocial Center SEGEMI e.V. has also been authorized as a psychotherapeutically managed facility for outpatient psychotherapeutic care. This means that we can offer guideline psychotherapy for a specific target group. The offer is aimed at people who receive benefits under the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz and have suffered torture, rape or other forms of physical, psychological or sexual violence. 

Are you wondering how SEGEMI finances the projects?

Like many NGOs, our work is made possible through mixed funding: in addition to the Behörde für Gesundheit und Verbraucherschutz, our sponsors include Aktion Mensch, Amnesty International and the Homann Foundation. Since our founding, donations have also been an essential pillar in our funding concept. We would therefore be very grateful if you decided to support our work for the benefit of mentally distressed refugees. 

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