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Closed Kenya Children's Desert Marathon

Kerugoya , Kenya

"Together, we will take part in the Toughest Footrace on Earth, and provide a future for orphaned children in Kenya."

Shane T. from Kenya Children Centres
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I will participate in the "Toughest Footrace on Earth" in order to raise the donations and sponsorship needed to rescue and run the Home for Orphaned Children in Kerugoya, Kenya.

The Good Faith Home has provided care for local orphans for 15 years. Due to lack of funding the doors were about to be closed. With your help we will rescue the home, renovate the building, then apply the first class standards of Kenya Children Centres.

The operating costs of all Kenya Children Centres are very carefully controlled. It is our aim to renovate, expand and manage the Kerugoya  facility.  Your donation will help to provide a loving home and a meaningful education for 60 orphaned children.

Detailed information:

The project will be executed in stages:

Construct acceptable living accommodation for 30 children
•    Reconstruct the buildings and surrounding concrete walkways
•    Build washrooms and toilets
•    Provide kitchen
•    Provide clothes and food storage
•    Replace beds, bedding and furniture
•    Acquire computer equipment and administration systems software
Capital cost: Euros 12,000

Recruit skilled staff and introduce KCC Care Standards
•    Recruit carers, social worker, administrator and a security guard
•    Pay the monthly salaries of all the staff at GFH 
•    Introduce new documented care standards and policies
•    Train staff
Operating cost:  Euros 20,000 per year

Introduce self-sufficiency
•    Acquire cows and chickens
•    Acquire field to grow food
•    Construct rainwater collection system
Capital cost: Euros 10,000

Expand Premises
•    Expand the premises to provide capacity for 30 additional orphans
•    Construct washrooms and toilets
•    Acquire beds and bedding
•    Construct clothes storage
•    Construct dining and lounge furniture for 30 children 
Capital cost: Euros 25,000

Additional Children and Staff
•    Recruit two additional carers and a social worker
•    Pay the additional monthly salaries 
•    Pay 50 Euros per month for the care and education of each additional child.
Operating cost:  Euros 23,000 per year  

Project operated with the kind support of Maecenata Stiftung, Munich/Berlin: