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A project from Ökologische Forschungsstation Schlüchtern e.V.
in Schlüchtern, Germany

Research data from around 50 years of biomonitoring of the Ecological Research Center Schluechtern e.V. are to be safed and made accessible for analysis in research projects. Raise the treasure!

J. Fuchs
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About this project

50 years, 80 study areas and catching sites, 550 employees (500 of them students), an average of 1,500 nesting boxes, 500,000 ringed birds and 30,000,000 individual data

With the year 2017, the Ecological Research Center Schlüchtern e.V. can look back on a 50-year-old data series to hole breeding passerines, small mammals and insects. We are proud of this treasure, which is usually honoraryly collected together by many helpers. Since the study is one of the largest and longest of its kind in Europe, our data fundus offers an almost inexhaustible variety of possible evaluations on exciting topics such as population developments or social structures. The current focus is on the effects of climate change. Unfortunately, these data are currently restricted. In early years was first written in little notebooks, then later on A3 papers, which were replaced by A4-form.

Our goal is to provide the approximately 30,000,000 data on paper in a uniform format     
..copy and store verified copies at a second location (fire protection) a specially developed database to make them accessible to the many exciting questions

We have already begun..
The sorting work has been going on for about 10 years, and the majority has been sighted and registered. Some particularly important areas have already been fixed.
But now it must go faster!

.. now we need your help!
We ask for your support for material and personal costs. This would enable us to raise the data treasure as well as continue the monitoring!

The work for one data type (e.g. nightly nestbox checks in winter) in one study area will be declared as one requirement.

We would be thankful, if you would allow our association to do this important work!

On exciting new insights,

the ÖFS team

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