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Closed Borehole for Ediki-Mbonge

Borehole, clean water for Ediki-Mbonge. Ediki-Mbonge is a small village in the southwest province of Cameroon. The living condition of the people there is difficult without clean water.

Clement N. from African Impulse e.V.Write a message

Ediki-Mbonge is a small village in the southwest province of Cameroon. The living condition of the people there is difficult. The villagers live mainly from subsistence agriculture. The main water source for the more than 7,000 villagers, including a kindergarten and three schools (primary and secondary), comes from a spring lying at the outskirts of the village. The hygienic condition of the water source is very deplorable. In the dry season, the water is used up more quickly. In such situations, the villagers have to walk long distances to find other sources. In addition, many villagers suffer from water related diseases, mostly children. Most of the disease can be attributed to contaminated water. This viscous circle has already taken a deadly end for many, especially children in the village. Most often than not, girls and mothers are those responsible for fetching water. 

In the year 2013, I visited the village with the intention of integrating in farming activities and was immediately affected and touched by the poor water supply situation, health hazards and education conditions in the village. As an IT specialist, I was thinking about bringing computers to the village schools, but then, the villagers had other priorities. Computers would be a luxury when the basic ingredient of life is missing. When the villagers requested my help, I immediately showed my willingness to assist. On the 14th. of April 2014, I held the first official meeting with the village council, including the chief of the village. In this meeting, the problems in the village were discussed and priorities jointly defined. The water problem was fixed as a top priority. 

While in Germany, I sought out finding the best solution for resolving the water problem. We settled for a “Do It Yourself” solar water pumping system. To this end, we had a budget of €8096 and sought the support of the state Chancellery of the German state of Nordrhein Westfalen. They agreed to cover 90% of the cost. The solar pump has been bought and is now being shipped to Cameroon. The village council has committed to engage the villagers in assuring the maintenance of the system through regular contributions.

Initially, we just wanted to dig a well at the area where the current spring is located. We however realized that a shallow well which does not make use of the water table might not be the best option and so opted to have a bore-hole dug instead. This has pushed the budget of the project. We need €5500 to get a company dig a borehole. We have discussed this with the village council. The council has informed the villagers and they have all accepted to make some contributions towards covering the cost. Our intention is to complete the installation of the system in April 2016.

Support us make the dream of having access to clean water a reality for the over 7000 people living in this village. Our organization shall appreciate your support for this sustainable effort. Join us! Help us  to improve the quality of their lives! .

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