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A New Home for Orphaned Children in Myanmar

Inle lake, Myanmar

The Mudita Foundation is a German NGO with the aim of improving living conditions for underprivileged and orphaned children in Myanmar. We are building a Care Center with an integrated School and a eco Farm.

Mokkhita from Mudita e.V.
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Update 15.06.2021
Because of the political situation in Myanmar is the Mudita e.V. not active at the moment. For more Informations please visit our webpage or our social platforms. 

The Mudita Foundation is a German NGO with the aim
of improving living conditions for underprivileged and
orphaned children in Myanmar.

The Mudit School started in January 2018. Within the first year, a self-sufficient complex for more than 200 children was built on 12.5 hectare School strives for sustainability in all aspects and operates using only local resources. This way, it ensures the long-term success of this eco-project. Mudita School is a pilot project and aims to be a role model for development projects in the fields of education, health and ecology.

Education & Health
The Mudita School introduces a new development concept based on modern
educational pedagogy. Starting with a Waldorf Kindergarten, Mudita School now also offers computer and English classes. The development concept is based on working with arts and music to enhance the children’s creativity. Working with handicraft and doing eco farming allow the children to gain a better understanding of their environment and develop skills that help them beyond school. Mudita School also teaches the children about hygiene and nutrition and has set up a clinic to ensure the physical well-being of the children. Yoga and mindfulness classes complete the health program at Mudita School and not only contributes to the general health of the children, but even more to their happiness and joy of living.

The nature-bound, holistic approach at Mudita School is also reflected to the living
facilities. They are built with only local resources like clay and bamboo and are based on traditional building methods. In the Mudita eco-farm, children learn to respect their environment and understand how to live a sustainable life in harmony with nature. This is education for the head, the heard and the hands.

The Golden Land
Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in the world. After decades of isolation and political conflicts, the country seeks its way into the modern world.
Throughout the education system, there is a culture of rote learning that inhibits the development of analytical and creative thinking. Many Burmese children suffer from various diseases and malnutrition. More than 50% live below the poverty line.
Since the opening of the country and the democratic elections in 2011, attempts are being made to solve the problems in the education and health system. Without
private and international help, however, this major undertaking cannot be
accomplished. The main goal of the Mudita Foundation is to enable a healthy and
well-educated new generation with a Waldorf school that allows children to grow as individuals and works with them at their different emotional and educational levels.

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