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Funded Playmobil as pedagogic toys for our first deaf Kindergarten in Pyongyang

Toys for deaf children in North Korea to support their education and the appeal of our deaf kindergarten in North Korea, in order to encourage hearing parents to send their deaf children to our deaf kindergarten

R. Grund from ZUSAMMEN Hamhung e.V.Write a message

The first ever deaf kindergarten in Pyongyang was established within the framework of the 4-Year Action Plans of the World Federation of the Deaf and the Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled.  The kindergarten was opened on 1st April 2016. Currently the number of the deaf children has been increased from 3 to 19 deaf children (November 2016).
The re-construction of the old building for the deaf association and the first deaf kindergarten was supported mainly by the Episcopal relief organization MISEREOR, as well as other foundations and donors. 
The longstanding dream of deaf people has come true: we have our own deaf center with our own deaf kindergarten in Pyongyang. But we have still some difficulties and challenges to find deaf children in the capital of Pyongyang. The issue of the disabilities is often not very visible because of the culture and feelings of shame. Additionally, it may be difficult for hearing parents to bring their deaf children to deaf kindergarten in Pyongyang from some reasons. 

 Our DPO (Disabled Persons` Organization) tries to support projects to increase the appeal of our deaf kindergarten, for example a series of sign language booklet made designed by deaf Koreans or pedagogic & educational toys from Germany which encourage hearing parents to send their deaf children to deaf kindergarten. Meanwhile, our DPO would like to send more Playmobil toys for our first deaf kindergarten in Pyongyang by the next trip to Pyongyang this summer.
Playmobil toys would be a great support for deaf preschool teachers. The teachers could teach deaf children some Korean words in sign language with the aid of Playmobil toys.
If you would like to learn more about our deaf support in North korea, you may visit some links:
TV Interview „HEUTE JOURNAL“ (in German only)
Chinese TV News of CCTV
TV News of South Korean TV Broadcasting

We would be very happy and grateful for your financial support and thank you,
Your deaf team of TOGETHER-Hamhung

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