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Closed Artificial grass for SV Kray 04 e.V.

Artificial grass for SV Kray 04 e.V.

T. Rossocha from SV Kray 04 e.V.Write a message

In Essen, over the past years, artificial lawns have been built on 26 sports facilities. In the coming years, more will be added. Unfortunately, ours is not there.

17 plants with 25 seats have been renovated since 2009 with the aid of the economic stimulus package II and equipped with artificial green. Nearly 20 million euros were invested in these measures. Since then, the clubs, which at that time went empty, complain about membership fading and missing offspring. This also affects us!

"The Espo Managing Director believes that" the renovation of half of all the hard spots over the next four years will be almost impossible. "Finally, the medium-term financial plan of the city will provide just 19 million euros for the sport until 2017. "Of course, we can not invest everything for football," says Rohrberg. "

Question is here ...

Why do these clubs get more ... second and third arenas, which already have such a ...

Why do the other clubs, as well as us, have to suffer from wrong plans, as wrong buildings / plans of artificial lawns are paid again by the municipality?

In this way, we try to simplify the decision of the city and Espo.

The surrounding clubs in Kray, Steele or Schonnebeck all have artificial lawns or get even more, we can not compensate in the youth area more.

Only through support from all of you can we counteract this and remain competitive in the future.

A traditions association with history can and should not be left alone in the rain after 112 years.

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