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Aynouna e.V. - Refugee assistance in Jordan

A project from Aynouna e.V.
in Jordan

Aynouna e.V. supports refugee projects in Jordan.

Aynouna e. V.
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About this project

The majority of around 1.5 million refugees in Jordan live outside of official refugee camps in inhumane conditions.

Many refugee children have no access to education, minimising their chances of building a secure future. In 2015, we founded the charity organisation "Aynouna e.V." in order to support the improvement of educational systems for refugee children in Jordan.

Our local partner "Helping Refugees in Jordan" (HRJ) provides school supplies for children in need and supports local organisations financially as well as small projects that offer job opportunities for refugees.

Every cent will go to projects helping refugee children in Jordan. The administration and advertising expenses of Aynouna e.V. are covered by the charity members.

  • Improving the quality of life of children seeking refuge by providing food and supporting the local community
  • Securing education with financial support for school fees and school supplies
  • Ensuring health care with financial support for medical supplies 


  • 9 € (7 JD) for a schoolbag with school materials for a child
  • 20 € (16 JD) to feed the pupils for a day
  • 50 € (40 JD) a semester for school fees for a child
  • 145 € (120 JD) as the monthly pay of a teacher


  • 20 € (17 JD) for crutches
  • 25 € (18 JD) for a rollator 
  • 70 € (55 JD) for a wheelchair for children
  • 310 € (240 JD) for a medical bed

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