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Closed Integrational programmes for children

A project from Evangelisch-methodistische Kirche Wuppertal-Barmen
in Wuppertal, Germany

Wuppertaler meet refugees and help with integration and facilitating German language acquisition.

D. Boelitz-Baglio
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About this project

Café Miteinander is located in Eintrachtstraße (Eintracht Street), Wichlinghausen. It is situated in the Community Centre of the United Methodist Church and is a meeting point for refugees from all nations and religions with people living in Wuppertal. Apart from the Cafe, children are able to choose from a selection of games on offer, which help to promote learning the German language and other skills. On Mondays and Wednesdays there is a range of additional integrational programmes on offer for children.

Based on the successful results of the current language and integrational work, children struggling with the language barrier should be able to overcome it. By means of reading, playing, story telling, illustrations and music, children are easily encouraged and motivated to speak the language. 

In a combined playful environment, partly with parents and other refugee families, children are slowly but surely able to work through their past ordeals and eventually overcome them. This helps to improve integration in the schools and in general as well.

We have experienced how children are eventually able to open up and to find enjoyment in expressing themselves and sharing their experiences with each other. Almost all the children surprise us with their astonishing ability to learn the German language.

It would be great if we could not only support the social workers and students financially, but at the same time use these financial donations for purchasing materials for crafts and reading books for the children. We would also like to use the donations to make small wishes come true, like visiting a circus or receiving a doll or toys.