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Integration Garden "Grünstadtgeflüster" - Participation of Refugees

München, Germany

Refugees, urban guardening, Öberföhring, Bürgerpark, Grünstadtgeflüster, Nachbarschaftstreff Quiddezentrum

Emanuel E. from Atelierhaus FOE e.V.
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"Grünstadtgeflüster" is a quieter but ever louder harbinger of intercultural understanding. It tells stories of an esteeming togetherness and of walking together, it tells of you and me how we build together a society of openness and diversity with curiosity for the unknown. A whisper that blows through the streets of Munich, which echoes the house facades, multiplies itself into a chorus of echoes, and becomes a collective "Grünstadtsums". Community gardens as places of intercultural understanding Our vision is to create a few places in Munich areas for green oases in the gray urban space, to grow into this intercultural friendship and appreciation in the presence of nature and bear fruit. We take the concept of community gardens as a model, which has proved world-wide, as these experimental areas form a good life in the city. Community gardens have an informal atmosphere, which affords life free of judgment. We want our gardens to root permanently and places of intercultural learning, arriving and openness. At least 1/3 of the bedding area is for fellow citizens with a cursory drive. The project cooperates with nearby refugees' accommodation and facilities and builds long-term cooperation. Pilot project "Grünstreifen" in the Bürgerpark Oberföhring We are currently developing a pilot project in cooperation with the Cultural Council. This year the intercultural community garden "Grünstreifen" opens in the Bürgerpark in Oberföhring. This guide through its natural environment the Munich population combined with art, social & ecological commitment. It produces nearly 100m² of bedding area, which is used and cultivated by a garden community of up to 50 users for the cultivation of vegetables and herbs. Our idea is to provide a third of the breed for people with a cursory drive. On the basis of the experience gathered there, further areas in Munich and surrounding areas will be developed in the coming years. Upcoming locations for 2018: We currently have five inquiries from institutions and communities for the establishment of a subcultural community garden. For 2018 the construction of two community gardens is planned. In concrete plans, we are currently dealing with the Nachbarschaftstreff Quiddezentrum, on whose Parklink facilities to 300 m² of beds can be created. Further information & participation: -> Facebook -> Homepage -> Overview of events -> Create your own bed --> Newsletter

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