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Extension of the solar system for the Hôpital Albert Schweitzer, Haiti

Haiti, Albert Schweitzer, Solar system, diesel saving

B. v. Bismarck from Reiner Lemoine StiftungWrite a message

The hospital
The Hôpital Albert Schweitzer (HAS), Haiti is located about 60 km north of the capital Haiti, Port-au-Prince. The hospital has 131 beds and provides approximately 350,000 people in the region. The operating costs are almost exclusively financed through donations, which is essentially the Swiss partnership HAS Haiti. The Swiss partnership is the most important international partner responsible for the financing and organization of numerous projects (pediatric clinic, accident surgery, social services, laboratory microbiology, solar project, etc.).

The existing solar battery system
A major cost factor for the clinic is the diesel fuel used for generating electricity. In the past, the cost was around $ 350,000 / year.
Fortunately, a solar battery system could be installed in the past year for material and money donations. The system consists of a 230kWp on-roof PV system and an energy storage system with 200kW / 225kWh based on long-life lithium-ion batteries.
This first phase has been completed, and since October the diesel generators can be switched off for 4-7 hours a day. In the second phase, the PV system is to be expanded by 80 kWp. Simulations show that the diesel can thus be switched off by 3 - 4 hours longer.
The pv system will cost about € 111,700 (installed). As in the first phase, local workers are intensively involved and trained to operate and service the system later. But above all, to generate income as a specialist in future projects.
Space for the pv system has already been planned by the hospital. The system would not only give the Hôpital another significant cost savings, but also reduce the annoying noise and exhaust emissions. In a third phase, the PV plant and the battery storage facility are to be further expanded, in order to reach 80 - 90% solar share in the future. If, therefore, the donations exceed the cost of the second phase, the surpluses would benefit the expansion of the third phase PV plant.
With your donation, you make sure that the power supply for the next 20 years is covered and the dependency on expensive diesel is lowered. The annual electricity costs are decidedly reduced by your donation and can be used for other important resources or medical devices to help more people.

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