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Fighting Hunger - Growing the Superfood Spirulina in Kenya

We are a social business growing the Superfood Spirulina in Turkana, Kenya, to enable prosperity and human development through effective biotechnology.

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Thriving Green - Power to Grow

We’re fighting hunger and malnutrition in Kenya by growing the superfood Spirulina.


Everyday 200.000 children suffer from hunger in Kenya’s north. This is the dramatic consequence of heat, lack of rainfall and the brackish water of Lake Turkana - conventional farming is impossible. Thriving Green wants to solve this problem by introducing to a new way of farming to the people of Turkana. 

Why in Turkana?
Turkana is one of the world’s poorest regions: The average income is 1.66 $ per day, most people live as shepherds or fishers. Many of them endure hunger on a daily basis and face serve consequence due to malnutrition. Especially children suffer from developmental impairment, reduced ability to fight infections and bad wound healing among other problems caused by the lack of healthy food.
The major cause for malnutrition is the extremely hot climate and the lack of fresh water in most parts of Turkana County: The average temperature is about 35 °C, the annual rainfall is only between 115 -650mm and the water of the County’s biggest water reservoir, Lake Turkana, cannot be used for watering plants – it is too salty and too alkaline. But these extreme environmental conditions fit perfectly Spirulina’s needs. Thriving Green sees the opportunity to enable the poorest of Turkana County to live a self-sufficient life and to develop a material existence by growing Spirulina.

What are our goals?
The local people near the Turkana Lake shall be taught to grow spirulina on their own in order to combat malnutrition, activate a new source of independent food production and enable economic growth. Through the astonishing effectiveness of spirulina – “the food of the future” as scientists call it – and the low-tech and low-cost production methods, the project seeks to make this new food accessible to all people, even the very poorest.

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