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Closed build to restore the dignity of Haitian'children

petion ville, Haiti

Closed build to restore the dignity of Haitian'children

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Against Cholera in Haiti,This project involves the construction of thirty toilets in a community in Haiti (Payan) of more than 4000 people where there are no latrines.

j. alcime from children of the world 2000Write a message

In a visit for Children of the World 2000, also with the Office of USAID / PAPH, I was shocked to see the situation of people in the area in payan clothes in haiti.The main reason for defending dignity is that it is a value in itself. People need dignity to lead a human life.we believe all our strength that every human being has to live with dignity especially children who are the future of the community of any this in the department of nippes, there is a village in Haiti where life is very precarious . this situation that people are living are not worthy to be called human.they have no dignity, no support.we feel concerned by this situation because they are human beings anyway.For a population of about 4000 people, there is no toilet for people.they doing their physiological needs in gardens, under the trees .there is no health standard.Iin giving back to this community they have lost their dignity, we launch this project in order to harvest and raise money for the construction of a thirty Latrines in collaboration with the community people just to allow people to relive in a better habitat.until now, no case of cholera is reported in this areea, but with the steady rhythm, if it happens it will have a catastrophe.for Payan this is an urgent project that we undertake you to help people,by making the greatest support you can
We firmly believe that a better world is possible, but this is in a sense of solidarity and brotherhood.
please help,donate ,support, contribute to built and restore the dignity of the Haitian
Already we have mounted a small team of 3 to 4 people in the area to begin work on what will project.Due to coordinate the construction of latrines.
about 1500 people will benefit from the construction of latrines to begin.
with that, they will not have to do their physiological needs in gardens of agriculture, but also near the rivers, which was causing water pollution. the biggest challenge for us was to find land , already people in the community have agreed to provide bare portions of land for the contruction of latrines
donations we used to buy materials (iron, cement, sand, bricks, tiles.ect.................) for the construction of latrines