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Berlin, Germany

The #1dollarrevolution is a campaign for a global minimum wage. Initiator is Peter Spiegel and the Future for all network. The aim is an EU-regulation for a new social standard. Fight poverty with your donation -

Philipp S. from Genisis-Insitute gGmbH
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More than one billion people earn less than 1$/hour - how can we help?

We all know the pictures from the garment factory, which collapsed 2013 in bangladesh. Everyone of us maybe had this bad feeling about production conditions in poor countries during shopping.

For a world with more justice, dignity and prosperity the campaign #1dollarrevolution started.
The aim of the campaign: a new EU-regulation. Just like we have ecological standards since a long time it´s time for social standards. The #1dollarrevolution wants the EU to import only products, which were produced under working conditions of 1$/hour.

For a successful campaign in the future we will develop publicly effective events, actions or discussion. Additional it needs lobbyism for the global minimum wage.