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Better life - more awareness and research for bladder and bowel problems

Bonn, Germany

To improve research for all who suffer from bladder or bowel dysfunction. Our goal is tp prevent incontinence in the elderly, treatemt for paraplegics, patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Morbus Parkinson and other neurological diseases

Ruth K. from Förderverein zur Kontinenzforschung e.V.
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We put all our energy in raising awareness and research for improving bladder and bowel function. In Germany alone 5 to 6 Million people suffer from incontinence!
Our goal is better research and more awareness for these problems. 
We thrive for heathy aging and aging with dignity!

Research projects support local and international projects- bringing awareness of incontinence togehter in close coopperation of the German Continence society as well as the International Continence Society.
We are closely related to the Interdisziplinary Continence Centre at the University Clinic in Bonn and the department for Neuro-Urology at the Neurological Rehabilitation Center 'Godeshoehe' in Bonn Bad Godesberg.

We support young researchers, nurses and physicians for better training and the possibilty to conduct research projects. 

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