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J S Bach b-minor Mass, Heidelberg and Mannheim, March 2017

Heidelberg, Germany

J S Bach b-minor Mass, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Christuskirche, Liebfrauenkirche, March 2017

N. Berry from Freunde der Walcker-Orgel Christuskirche e.V. | 
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About this project

J S Bach b-minor Mass

One of the greatest choral works in the history of western music is to be performed in Heidelberg and Mannheim, Germany, in March 2017.

Due the scale and technical difficulty of this masterpiece, it calls for vast preparation and great musical skill. These performances will be accompanied by a professional "original instrument" baroque orchestra and will feature professional soloists, with one of Heidelberg's leading chamber choirs (Cantus Novus) filling in the gaps.

As anyone who has ever been involved in a project like this will know, it is impossible to finance such an ambitious enterprise through ticket sales alone. That is why Nick Berry and the other organisers are looking to raise at least 5,000 Euros in donations from friends, families and music fans.

Unlike other art forms, music only exists when it is performed. And the only way anyone can perform masterpieces of this nature is if people are willing to back them with hard cash. This has been the situation since Bach's time and before.

Joining this long and noble tradition of private arts partonage is easy: simply make your donation directly on this page, using the wonders of modern technology.

Our heartfelt thanks for your support :-)))

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