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Basic course for a doctor in paediatric palliative medicine

A project from Stiftung Valentina
in Wangen im Allgäu, Germany

Basic course for a doctor in palliative medicine for home support, especially for seriously ill and dying children and their families. Valentina died of her tumour in 2016 at the age of 13 years and something positive is supposed to come out of it.

Kurt Peter
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About this project

Quite a few children - like Valentina Peter from Wangen im Allgäu - are afflicted by severe cancer. Age, gender, origin etc. do not play a role. The necessary therapy usually means a very long ordeal for the children (and the whole family) without any guarantee of survival. It is often desirable to provide these children with intensive medical care at home, especially during their last phase of life.

After the death of little Valentina (13) on 9 April 2016, who lost the battle against an aggressive bone tumour, her family set up a foundation to support home care and intensive medical care, especially for seriously ill or dying children and their families.

The Valentina Foundation has decided to support the project "Palliative Team for Children and Young People Ulm/Ravensburg (PalliKJUR)" of the University Hospital Ulm in order to enable dying sick children to spend their last life at home with full medical care.

Problem: The Pallikjur team cares for children with various illnesses and problems. It is therefore necessary for employees to be trained in many areas. In addition to the additional qualification in palliative medicine, these include courses on home ventilation, special pain therapy, etc. In addition to participation fees, travel and accommodation costs are incurred for such further training courses. When colleagues leave the team, new colleagues have to be trained.

Solution: Basic course for a doctor in palliative medicine