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IFIS Online Colloquium

In line with IFIS' general mission, our Colloquium connects interested integrally oriented researchers and practitioners by offering them a forum to exchange experiences around innovative approaches to complex social challenges.

E. Fein from Institut für integrale Studien (IFIS)Write a message

IFIS is a not-for-profit organization, bringing together integral researchers and practitioners around the shared vision of boundary-crossing integrative research which is highly relevant for the unprecedented transformational challenges in society, nature and self.

Beginning in November 2016, IFIS is launching an Online Colloquium. The format is designed to foster the dialog and connection between IFIS' members and friends, mostly spread out in different countries and even continents.
In line with IFIS' general mission and purpose, the main intent of our Colloquium is to leverage synergies, exchange and cross-fertilization of like-minded individuals, integrally oriented researchers and practitioners, around our shared vision by offering them a forum for exchanging experiences around innovative approaches to complex social challenges.

We also hope to attract new colleagues to join us and be part of IFIS’ community of integral research and inquiry.

For more info and a schedule of events see here: (English)
or here: (Deutsch)