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Social Group Mögeldorf: Help us to keep helping others!

A project from St. Karl Borromäus Kirchengemeinde, Nürnberg
in Nürnberg, Germany

Ökumenische Sozialkreis Mögeldorf: A group of volunteers who help others living in Mögeldorf. We help children with homework, visit elderly people, help with paperwork and offical offices and give some financial aid

E. Fessele
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About this project

The Ecumenical Social Group Mögeldorf is a group of volunteers who offer support to fellow human beings in Mögeldorf. Some of us are lutheran, some are catholic and others have a different religious belief. 
We are active in many areas:
  • We support some children in our 2 schools with extra tutition and homework supervision. 
  • We visit elderly people at home, spend time with them, do their shopping or take them to the doctor
  • If someone needs help with paperwork or with official offices, we try to help.
  • All too often financial support is also needed. We do not give out cash but we sometimes pay the grocery bill or pay something towards an outstanding bill. 
  • We organise an annual cookery course to teach people the basics of cooking, so that they can save money by not buying convenience foods.
In the last 5 years, we have helped over 30 children, held 4 cookery courses and made life a bit easier for many people in difficult situations. With each year, the number of people seeking aid is increasing. 
Unfortunately, our main benefactor passed away last year and therefore, we no longer have the same financial means to help as before. The months of December and January are our busiest months, we are not looking forward to having to say 'no' when someone seeks financial aid.

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