An aid project by “CONSCIOUS ACTION NETWORK” (Tom Z.) in kathmandu, Nepal

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Tom Z. (Project Manager)

Tom Z.
The money you donate here will go into our IMMEDIATE ACTION POT which we use when we see an immediate opportunity to help and make a difference. Often there is a window to be fixed or books to be bought of children to be fed or a medical treatment to be paid for - or anything else that can be done instantly. In this case we give some funds from this pot to the changemaker under the condition that it will be done in the next day or two so we can film it and show YOU what was done with your contribution and what a difference it will have made.
This POT is for the C.A.N ASIA TOUR 2015 (Jan-March) 

100% EFFICIENT - because all the donated money is spent on the projects
100% TRANSPARENT - because you get to see on film exactly how it is used

As an example, please watch this FILM from our latest C.A.N ASIA TOUR 2015:

THANK YOU for your contribution.
Together we C.A.N.

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Location: kathmandu, Nepal

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  • C.A.N makes films about changemakers worldwide - people who are somewhere on this planet soing something to make the world a better place. We tell their stories and introduce their projects.

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  • Here are the donated tapes... THANK YOU ... now it's time to repace the blankness with beauty...

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