An aid project by “CONSCIOUS ACTION NETWORK” (Tom Z.) in Boosa, Sri Lanka

7% funded

Tom Z. (Project Manager)

Tom Z.
C.A.N goes on a CONSCIOUS ACTION TOUR to Asia.
We'll shoot and post many videos about people and projects that are making a difference.
And YOU CAN be a part of it.
On some videos we will introduce the project and a PLAN for IMMEDIATE CONSCIOUS ACTION. Small things that can be realized very fast. Painting a classroom, getting a sick person some treatment.
YOU CAN donate to make it happen and once the money is there we'll complete the ACTION and make a film about the process.
Just a few day later we will post the film online and credit the sponsors.
So you can actually see how your donation was used and what it made possible. For more info about C.A.N - visit our website:
There you can watch some of the short films we've made in the past.
Also Join us on FACEBOOK or subscribe our YouTubeChannel.
Let's make a difference together!!!

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Location: Boosa, Sri Lanka

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