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We received a payout of €316.86

Rose Mary K.
Rose Mary K. wrote on 23-03-2023

Dear friends Namaste  

Greetings and best wishes to you from BASS,  India 

Thank you for your continued generous donation to this project.  

we are now requesting payout for the 4th Quarter  2022. 

During this quarter we received only 316 Euros . 

The available funds will be utilize for after school learning Centre operational expenses for rent , two teachers salary and   nutrition snacks for 50 children for one month. 

50 children are attending to our after school learning Centre, who are improving their knowledge in all classroom subjects  and life skills in the Centre for best performance   at their schools.    

The academic year will close by April 2023 and new academic year will start from June 2023 after summer holidays.  
 Please support this project with new donations to continue the after school learning Centre. 

Once again thank you so much   

With gratitude 

Rose Mary