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Donation Stiftung Valentina

Wangen im Allgäu, Germany

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Donation Stiftung Valentina

Wangen im Allgäu, Germany

The Valentina Foundation supports the PalliKJUR project of the University Hospital of Ulm in order to enable terminally ill children to spend their last life time at home with full intensive medical and palliative care.

Kurt Peter from Stiftung Valentina | 
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About this project

A foundation for the support of home care and intensive medical care, especially for children with cancer or seriously ill children and their families. 

Too many children - like Valentina Peter from Wangen im Allgäu - are afflicted by severe cancer. Age, gender, origin etc. do not play a role. The necessary therapy usually means a very long ordeal for the children (and the whole family) without any guarantee of survival. It is often desirable to provide these children with intensive medical care at home, especially during their last phase of life.

The University Hospital Ulm, Department of Paediatric Oncology, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Daniel Steinbach, has initiated a project (PalliKJUR), which together with local clinic partners enables palliative and at the same time intensive medical care for seriously ill children in rural areas. Our partner in the Ravensburg district is the OSK.

The Valentina Foundation has decided to support the project "Palliative Team for Children and Young People Ulm/Ravensburg (PalliKJUR)" of the University Hospital Ulm in order to enable dying sick children to spend their last life at home with full medical and palliative care.

Updated at 18. March 2020