Funded Composting service for peasant farmers in Ghana

An aid project by “DeCo!” (Chris S.) in Tamale, Ghana

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  • L. Vandenbussche
    L. Vandenbussche recommends this project with his on site report over 4 years ago
    Katja Halbritter invited me to join on a trip to Ghana in March 2011 for visiting and helping on the DeCo! project. I'm very pleased that I decided to go because I enjoyed getting to know the project and I believe in its future. The team is very young minded, motivated and diverse. I have learned a lot by working with them, participating in the workshops and getting to know the project. I will continue to contribute to the DeCo! work whenever it is possible. And as a last remark, I would say: keep the good work going!
  • M. Burri
    M. Burri recommends this project with his on site report over 4 years ago
    As a master Student in Energy Science and Technology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology I am working on a project on sustainable waste management in Kumasi, Ghana. In that context I also visited the DeCo project near Tamale. It was very interesting to see the work of this very commited group that realised this project. It involves a broad majority of local and national stakeholders and thus as many people as possible can benefit from it. It is exciting to see, that the project is on a very promising way and can be a flagship project to promote composting in Ghana. Just keep on going like this!
  • T. Ruff
    T. Ruff recommends this project with his on site report over 4 years ago
    I am a missionary living in Ghana and was very pleased to learn about the composting service for poor farmers in Ghana. I toured their composting facility and was really impressed. I work with the Gonja tribe around the Buipe area. The land in the northern region of Ghana is so depleted and this will do wonders for building back the land and increased food production. I hope to purchase some of the compost for demonstration purposes in Buipe. Keep up the great work!
  • I. Amadu
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    I. Amadu recommends this project over 4 years ago
    Deco's approach in alleviating poverty in the three northern regions of Ghana is the best. About 70% of the people are predominantly peasant farmers and the soil has always been their problem. So getting Deco, a non-profit organisation to address this problem is a welcome news. This is done by improving the organic matter content of the soil with the compost Deco is producing. The method used in producing the compost is environmentally friendly and a source of income to the local people. For this reason, i plead with all to support this worthy course.
  • S. Opuni
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    S. Opuni recommends this project almost 5 years ago
    Being a Ghanaian I can very much relate to and understand the problem of soil degradation in northern Ghana. Particularly, I am very much aware of the associated effects of this problem on farming and livelihoods of small scale farmers in the region.
    This informed my interest in joining DeCo! in its bid to offer a practical and realistic solution for the predominantly poor farmers in the region.
    Why do I think DeCo!’s solution is worth supporting?
    1. it offers a long-term solution to the problem of soil degradation
    2. the solution requires low technology and low technical know-how yet it is adaptable and scalable
    3. it would lead to a reduction in the use of chemical fertilizer and thus cut costs in the short term; while assuring sustainable high crop yields and food security in the long-term
    4. it would provide a source of employment to the abundant local people during the off-farming seasons
    5. it is environmental sustainable and climate change addressing
    6. it is expected to support the on-going poverty reduction efforts
    7. its highly successful and transferable and
    8. finally it’s a simple solution to a BIG problem!
    That’s a good course to support and that’s why I am DeCo!
  • A. Zorrilla Quinza
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    A. Zorrilla Quinza recommends this project almost 5 years ago
    The DeCo project combines a feasible agriculture solution with a sustainable long-term development strategy for farmers in Ghana that could also be extrapolated to any other developing country based on the reuse of their own natural resouces.
  • C. Kruijne
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    C. Kruijne recommends this project almost 5 years ago
    DeCo! has a solid business plan; real value created as the fertiliser increases farmers' yields, relatively simple composting solution creating local jobs, little up front investment due to low tech and scalable as franchise to serve other communities locally. I had the pleasure to help the Deco! team in the beggining stages of their business plan, they have a genuine drive to solve an enironmental and social problem with their diverse talents and have a good leader in Christoph.
  • R. Hebly
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    R. Hebly recommends this project almost 5 years ago
    I have witnessed the initial stages of this project and the success so far is mind-blowing. The team is highly motivated and energetic and works for a true cause. The decentralized and low tech philosophy makes it very realistic to and highly effective. Lets help them make it happen!
  • M. Koon
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    M. Koon recommends this project almost 5 years ago
    I just joined the DeCo! team in Summer 2010 and was very lucky to be able to assist in developing the concept after learning about the past success of the business. Reducing the use of chemical fertilizer and preventing soil degradation is imperative to the long term sustainability of agriculture in the region. I believe that DeCo! can contribute to advances in agriculture and inspire the local people to become entrepreneurs themselves!
  • T. Bijkerk
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    T. Bijkerk recommends this project almost 5 years ago
    I got introduced into the DECO concept, and the project team behind it, during a course of the Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community. I’m very confident that this team with its expertise, enthusiasm and no-nonsense attitude will make this project work.
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