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Project:RefugeeIntegration - Support refugees in Vienna

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Austrian Baptist Aid supports refugee integration in Vienna, Austria.

D. Bunce from Austrian Baptist Aid Write a message

Projekt:RefugeeIntegration is a unique community outreach for refugees and asylum-seekers in Vienna, Austria. We've been serving refugees in the city for nearly fifteen years. Over the past year we have undergone huge expansion of our community and our programs. New needs have arisen as a result of the global refugee crisis.

People from across our multicultural congregation (Projekt:Gemeinde) have time and again embraced the challenges and opportunities that integration brings. German-speaking university students teach language classes. Lawyers and teachers, professors and social workers are using their skills and expertise to guide people through the complicated legal process for asylum. Pastors and counselors guide people through the emotional ups and downs of transition to a new continent, as well as in dealing with emotional trauma.

The compassion, creativity, and hope on display at Projekt:RefugeeIntegration is encouraging and inspiring. However, things in our community have moved very fast since Summer 2015. Our dream is to develop these community-programs for long-term sustainability. We are looking for grassroots investors--people eager to help refugees and asylum-seekers, for people that want to equip our asylum-seeking community for a future full of hope.

Cesar Sotomayor is the Project's Director of Refugee and Integration Work. He is currently completing his ministerial education while simultaneously directing the refugee integration efforts. One of our many needs is to fully compensate Cesar for his time, passion, and vision. This campaign is an effort to do this for the 2016-2017 year.

Projekt:RefugeeIntegration is a holistic, long-term integration project in the heart of Europe. We have fifteen years of experience in refugee integration work, and intent to support the asylum-seeking community for decades to come.

At current scale, our efforts require 48,000 Euro per year. Over the next five years, we plan to fund RefugeeIntegration work through our social enterprise partnerships. But today we need startup funds. Help us fund a full salary for Cesar, who works more than full-time serving our community today.

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