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Young Ethiopians on their Way to Independence – for 5€!

A project from Go! Entrepreneur gemeinnützige GmbH
in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

"GO! Entrepreneur" offers workshops for more self-confidence, individual initiative, responsibility and team spirit for young Ethiopians. Local trainers lay the foundation for self-epmployment - especially for vocational school students.

S. Trampler
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About this project

“Talk about your strengths” – a simple encouragement, still an unusual invitation for students in Ethiopia. Getu, the Ethiopian GO! Workshop Leader lets every participant in the group tell his story. At the end of this eight-hour GO! Workshop, everyone knows: I can accomplish something, I know what I want, and I will try it. With only 5 € we can wake up the entrepreneurial spirit and lay the foundation for future professional independence. Many have a perspective for the first time – in their own land.

100 Million Africans will be in need of jobs during the next 10 years. At GO!, we are convinced that the African job miracle can start individually, within each young African. We have designed our GO! Workshops to empower self-esteem, own initiative, responsibility, and team spirit. The Workshops have a very practical approach and involve a lot of fun as well!

We have recently run these Workshops in Ethiopia over four weeks with 350 students and 70 teachers from vocational schools. Entrepreneurial talents are not only found within Universities and Colleges.

Our ten Ethiopian trainers, Abiy, Henok, Ankets, Eremias, Abraham, Dawit, Eyasu, Maeza, Getu and Tesfahun will be conducting further GO! Workshops with at least 800 students during the next two months. Teacher and material for one eight-hour Workshop cost 5 € per student. For 500 € per person our GO! Trainers train other locals become GO! Teachers and enable them to conduct our workshops in rural areas as well.

This is just the beginning: We will be supporting the most motivated among the students on their path to independence by providing an Online Community, a Mentoring Network, further intensive course seminars and assistance to obtain microcredits. With ongoing evaluations and scientific investigations we are ensuring the sustainability of our activities. We have started in Ethiopia, but will expand to other countries in Africa as well.

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