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Solidarity with Tresor - Your part of stopping a deportation!

Solidarity with Tresor - Your part of stopping a deportation!

S. Abel from KuB Berlin e.V.Write a message

Solidarity with Tresor
Tresor is a refugee activist who has been fighting for the rights of refugees and migrants for many years. He himself spent 10 years on the routes of migration until he reached Germany. Last August, he was on his way to Cameroun, the first time since he left the country 13 years ago, to realize a conference on migration politics with a view to link social movements in Europe and Africa. In his connection flight in Brussels, a migrant was supposed to be deported. After protests by Tresor and 5 other passengers, the deportation was stopped, but at the same time, the six protesters were detained until the next day. Because of this Tresor lost his flight, even the return ticket. In order to be able to lead the conference tow days after, his friends collected money to buy a new ticket.

Please support us in distributing these costs on many shoulders. We believe concrete protests against deportations are legitimate and Tresor ‘s transnational networking of social movements in Europe and Africa is extremely important and deserves support!

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