An aid project by M. SASIS in MAKATI, Philippines

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M. SASIS (Project Manager)

I am Ma. Cecilia Sasis, is asking financial help in behalf of my husband Numeriano G. Sasis for operation, physical theraphy and medication treatment.
He was hospitalized sometime September 2009 because he was hit by a speeding van and confined for at least a month. His bones on the right eye was broken and and a titanium plate was placed. We incurred a big expense of Php250,000.00 which includes the cost of operation, titanium implant, medicines and doctors fee.
He was hospitalized for second time lst Nov. 2009 to February 2010. He is presently suffering from herniated nucleus pulposus L5-S1 (nerve pinned between the spinal cord ) and also a diabetic.
Last Aug. 18,2010 to Sept.13, 2010 he was again admitted at the hospital for the same problem. But this time the Bone Specialist advised us that he undergo spine operation to release the nerve pinned at his back in order for him to walk & urinate normally. He was diagnosed to have a mass on his urinary bladder and was advised to have a CT scan urogram.
With this, due the patient confined several times and prolonge confinement, he was out of job, his employer terminate my husband due to medical problem. Due to the above, the patient needs for physical theraphy- Php29,000.00, medications- Php10,000.00, cost of implant Titanium plate - Php70,000.00, operation - Php50,000.00 & doctors fee -Php 20,000.00 total cost of Php179,000.00 Total Cost in Euro - 3,050.00
In this regard, I am appealing your help through your foundation assistance program.
Any help you can extend to us is highly appreciated and valued by the family.

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Location: MAKATI, Philippines

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  • Uploaded at 22-10-2010