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Closed Arbeit mit Kindern und Jugendlichen im CVJM Lauf

Lauf, Germany

Closed Arbeit mit Kindern und Jugendlichen im CVJM Lauf

Lauf, Germany

The Christian Association of Young People (CVJM) Lauf works with children and teenagers, offering camps, group lessons and events, and urgently needs donations to continue this pioneering charitable work.

U. Reitzmann from CVJM Lauf e.V. | 
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About this project

We are there for children and teenagers!

For us, the YMCA Lauf, working with children, teens and young adults is an important task. We also want to love Jesus and share the high standards of God for each individual. Everyone - whether a child, teenager or adult - is a precious creature of God, with a beloved uniqueness.
We want to offer a good and qualified offer here, for this we need professional help, which we have found through a trained, full-time support. Currently Mathias Rapp is our Youth Secretary, who offers new things with full commitment and many volunteers and who cares about the relationship work.
We finance this full-time position exclusively through donations - and here we need help, so that we can help!

We are ...
- the YMCA Lauf
- With about 600 members of the largest Christian youth organization in the district of Nürnberger Land
- open! Everybody is welcome.

We offer ...
- For over 100 years a lively children and youth work in running
- attractive groups for all ages
- holistic offers for body, soul and spirit - games, fun and sports.

We want ...
- offer and expand a variety of offers for young people in Lauf
- Strengthen young people in their development and personality
- to accompany young people on their way to life, especially with Christian values

The project YOUTH work finances an important specialist (YMCA secretary)
************************************************** ************************************************** ***
We have noticed that effective youth work, despite an overwhelming commitment of our volunteers, continues to require professional collaboration.
We are very grateful for a blessed youth work in our CVJM and the positive impact of the work of our CVJM secretary Mathias Rapp. For the continuation of this work we need your support, because there is currently a shortfall of 40.000, - €. The CVJM run finances this (only) full-time job only from donations.

If you are interested in that
• Children and adolescents, regardless of their parents' income, have a place in life that gives them courage to live and where they are taught Christian values ​​in a fun and playful way.
• Young people and adolescents continue to volunteer in the YMCA running and to organize group lessons for children, to carry out projects and leisure activities with them,
• the varied offers for young people in Lauf are further developed and
 young people are strengthened in their development and personality,

 then we ask YOU for support!
Updated at 18. March 2020

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